Your Skills Training Facilitator: Bethel Torres


Bethel Torres has served our clients in many roles, as admin support, project specialist and IWL Learning Assistant. She works with our youth programs and HEART. Helping guide you to achieve what you want is an important part of our work, and Bethel says there is so much that we can learn at any point in our lives.

“Young people know they can learn new skills. They’re not always sure what to learn because there are so many options. We’re here to help them focus on what they want,” she says.

“This is just the beginning of their career journey. We help them identify their abilities and match them to their preferences. They often discover many things about themselves that they didn’t know, and that leads them to start to realize their potential,” she says.

Driven by her commitment to make a positive impact on our clients, she takes pride in providing support to our programs for young adults.