Your Mature Workers Facilitator: Karina Allis


Karina Allis changed career tracks as a mature worker to become an employment counsellor. Her experience making a career and employment transition is key to successfully supporting job seekers. She knows her stuff, and she knows how to help people find the confidence and comfort level to learn new skills and find a new job at any stage of their life.

“There are many reasons why people over 55 are looking for a different job. We understand those reasons, and I will work with them to help them make that change,” she says.

“Many of our clients haven’t written a resume in 25 or more years. The last time they looked for a job, it was a very different experience. We’re here to give people the tools to get through those challenges and start a new phase of their life.”

“I often say to people I practiced being unemployed before starting my career as an employment counsellor, and learned that finding the right employer is as important as finding the right job!”