Meet Zoë Dowdall, our newest project specialist


Zoë Dowdall proudly brings her lived experience to her role at the Skills Centre. She was a stay at home mom, returned to school as an adult and really got into the workforce in her late thirties. Zoë is our newest project specialist.

She grew up in England and moved to Canada in 2005. She’s been in the Kootenays with her family since 2016 and has no plans to leave. “It feels like home,” she says.

Her own experience as a newcomer also gives her a different perspective that she believes will help her with her clients.

“Having had that different experience helps me relate differently to clients. It can be hard with clients if they think you don’t know what they are experiencing,” she says.

“I’m really excited to be moving into facilitating programs and learning about the community and putting what I learn into creating and implementing programs.”

Zoë is facilitating our HEART program, something she is also very excited about because she used to ride horses in the UK.

If you or someone you know is interested in HEART, contact Zoë today to find out more.