HEART gets you in shape with yoga & life coaching


We’ve crafted a new version of HEART that’s winter-friendly to help you build your skills, confidence and self-esteem and move towards employment readiness.

Because it is winter and working with the horses would not be possible, we’ve partnered with Kootenay Sol Yoga to offer yoga and mindfulness workshops in place of the equine assisted learning. We’re excited to continue to offer both art therapy, with Julie James, and holistic life coaching, with Kim Robertson, over the course of this four week program.

Kim is owner of Medicine Wheel Coaching, a Trail-based personal coaching company.

“My approach to coaching is to offer a different perspective for someone who is at a crossroads in life, or their work or career or relationships and productivity. We focus on thought-provoking questions that deepen a person’s awareness of where they are at with themselves, holistically,” she says.

“They learn what it means to build their medicine wheel for themselves and how they can use that information to make choices that are better suited with their best interest, how they can use it to balance themselves in challenging times, and what it is they really want. In developing their medicine wheel, participants gather up tools and resources that align with their next steps to holistic wellness.”

These sessions of HEART will be in groups of up to eight participants, who will be paid a living wage of $21.13 per hour for up to 16 hours per week, to attend. Participants can also access mental health care, childcare and transportation costs, clothing and hygiene items, and other services.

HEART is open to anyone who is a newcomer to Canada, part of a racialized group, Indigenous, and anyone with a self-identified physical disability or mental health consideration.

  • The next session of HEART in Trail starts January 15.
  • We’re also offering it in Grand Forks starting on February 5.
  • The final Trail session will start on February 26.

Kim is an Indigenous person from Beaver Lake Cree Nation in northern Alberta.

“I was fostered into a non-Indigenous family, which was very fortunate to help break the chains of many ancestral traumas. It’s this breaking of chains that lead me into my journey of service as a holistic wellness coach. As a coach, I bring many layers of healing that has me living in emotional intelligence, physical awareness, mental resilience and spiritual strength. This enables me to offer compassion and understanding for the many invisible blockages that our subconscious hides away from us and causes us harm,” she tells us.

“I love being a co-creator and witness to the transformations of clients who open up to those awarenesses and start their journey of self empowerment and personal growth.”

She outlines the transformations people experience through coaching:

“Many say how they come away with a new awareness that helps with moving them forward, one step at a time. Some say how it was life changing, in the way that they released something that no longer serves them. Some have a release of tears; they say it’s because they feel safe. Many come with a low number of how they were feeling at the start of the session on a scale of 1-10 and leave with a higher number of feeling better. Many love the group sessions because of the positive connections they make and how they are encouraged to give each other positive feedback to with one another’s permission.”

Seats are limited in each upcoming session, so contact us today to register.