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Statistics Canada’s September Labour Force Survey is here! August data trends continued to prevail with a few key additions, so let’s see what the numbers say.

*Unadjusted data – regular seasonal events included

September brought about another rise to 6.1% in our region’s unemployment rate (unadjusted, 3-month moving average) which continued to trend higher than the province at 4.8% (4.3% seasonally adjusted) and Canada at 5.3% (5.2% seasonally adjusted).

Provincially, British Columbia led national employment increases adding 33,000 jobs in September and reported one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada with 109,000 more working today than before the pandemic. BC was one of only two provinces to have experienced job growth for youth.

Nationally, the unemployment rate decreased .2% bringing it to 5.2%. Employment dropped for women 15 – 24 years, but men of the same age saw an increase as did core age women (25-54 years). Unemployment was down for women 55+ and 25 – 54. Insight into two social conditions that influenced employment:

  • Baby boomer retirements continued to place pressure on labour supply as Canadians 65+ have increased 11.6% since 2019 accounting for 736,000 Canadians
  • Women are more likely than men to make career/job decisions around daycare responsibilities

Locally, we continue connecting with local employers to identify labour market trends and listen to the impactful stories of economic conditions in our communities. These conversations and meetings help us respond to needs and build a deeper understanding of issues affecting those we serve. While we continue to report back on what we discover, we welcome employers to reach out. If you are interested in sharing your experience in our labour market or to find out how we can help, let’s connect: (250)368-6360 ext 223, alocken@skillscentre.ca

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Check out the full survey here!

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Alia Locken, Research Officer at the Skills Centre, prepared the above statistical interpretations. You can contact Alia directly by email alocken@skillscentre.ca or phone (250)368-6360 ext 223.