Collaborating key to community impact


Did you know that the Skills Centre partnered with 23 organizations, businesses and local governments this past year to provide training and poverty reduction activities in our communities? These collaborations helped people upgrade their skills, find jobs, get counselling and other pre-employment support, and find some relief from the cycle of living with low income.

Collaboration is one of our corporate values, and it shows in our new Community Impact Report highlighting our work in your communities this past fiscal year. Helping people get training, gain skills, access financial support, and take steps to live the life they want takes a lot of people, time, effort, and collaboration. We’re thrilled to work with other non-profits, businesses and local governments to be able to contribute in our communities.

Because ultimately collaboration is about people–the people we work with and the people we serve, and our new Community Impact Report shares the success stories of the people who have been part of our last year: staff, clients, partners and funders.

Read the new Community Impact Report here.