10 Resume Tips to Help You Succeed


Your resume is one of the most important pieces in your job search. Try these tips to make your resume stand out.

Think of your resume as a list of what you did in the past and a blueprint for what you can do in the future.

Resumes are fact based. They are a record of your work experience, your training and certifications, your volunteer experiences, and your accomplishments.

Focus on accomplishments rather than job duties to show what you can do to contribute with your skills. For example: Revamped office filing system for more efficient access shows how you can help the company succeed rather than just listing filing as one of the duties of your last job.

As another example, which one would impress a potential employer more, do you think?
• I answered the phones. Or
• I was the first point of contact, welcoming clients, responding to inquiries and directing people to the person they needed to see.

Clearly, there is more than one way to showcase your experience and skills!

Follow these tips to write your best resume:

  1. Use clear, plain language
  2. Be honest & accurate
  3. Make sure it sounds like you
  4. Keep it clean & easy to read: use standard fonts in black and white, no fancy graphics & use a standard layout
  5. Use bullet points and numbers to break up the information into easy to read sections
  6. Match your skills to the job posting
  7. Focus on accomplishments rather than job duties
  8. Keep it to two pages maximum
  9. Create a clean & clear professional email address for your job search, such as your name and the year or a simple number if needed @email.com
  10. Proofread: double check your spelling, numbers, dates & contact info

Got that resume looking great? Then contact us with your questions. We’re here to help you in your job search.