Meet Your SOVA Facilitator: Karina Allis


Karina Allis has delivered trauma informed employment supports in group and individual settings for the past eight years here at the Skills Centre. She knows her stuff, and she knows how to help people find the confidence and comfort level to learn new skills and find a new job at any stage of their life.

“I am honoured and at times humbled by what people will share with me. Not always the big disclosures but the feelings, the sad, the hurt, the loss of self esteem, the time lost to being unhappy and just surviving,” Karina says.

“I am so happy and at times relieved that people have been able to really benefit from the counselling and then the practical employment skills in this program. When they gain hard-won confidence in accomplishments – short courses, bigger courses, a resume that says I have skills and have accomplishments. It’s a pretty cool partnership I have with clients. I do love my job! When I say to someone who gets a job that the employer is lucky to have found them--and they are stupefied that this is my perspective--and then they own it.”