Regenerative farm and dairy worker - Forrest Farm

Forrest Farm
Posted a month ago
$17 per hour
Full Time

Job Description

This is an 8 acre first generation farm focused on regenerative farming practices that support local food security, environmental sustainability and most of all “best possible” animal health and welfare standards.

We are starting a provincially licensed Sheep and Goat Dairy and farmsted cheesiry, where we produce artisanal sheep and goat cheeses right here on our farm!

We grow a 1/2 acre market garden/cut flower garden that is completely pesticide and fertilizer free. We enrich our garden with compost made here by our sheep and goats, and keep healthy pest free plants by simply rotating crops and companion planting. We sell a CSA that includes Meat, eggs, vegetables and cheese all produced here on our farm! We always make sure everything is fully utilized so we also sell wool from our sheep, and a line of goat milk soap and flower bouquets.

Daily jobs will include:

-Feed Sheep, Goats, chickens & quail -make sure all animals have fresh clean water – milk sheep and goats -maintain and clean shelters -planting, weeding, harvesting & managing irrigation in market garden -making of fresh cut flower bouquets -must be able to lift 22kg -must love animals – putting together CSA subscriptions -jobs will vary from day to day and change through out the year

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