Pre-Sales Specialist

Plex Canada Consultants Inc
Posted 3 months ago
Full Time

Job Description

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide technical and administrative support to Plex Canada’s clients. Liaise with contacts for marketing events. Assist with coordination between i4C, Plex

QUALIFICATIONS: College diploma in a program related to the product or service. Experience in sales or in a technical occupation related to the product or service may be required.

HOURS OF OPERATIONS: Standard working hours in Canada will be 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: One full-time permanent employee in addition to the owner.

VACATION PROGRAM: Plex Canada will meet or exceed BC Employment Standards & Entitlement to annual vacation (1) An employer must give an employee an annual vacation of

  • (a) at least 2 weeks, after 12 consecutive months of employment, or
  • (b) at least 3 weeks, after 5 consecutive years of employment.

(2) An employer must ensure an employee takes an annual vacation within 2 months after completing the year of employment entitling the employee to the vacation.

(3) An employer must allow an employee who is entitled to an annual vacation to take it in periods of one or more weeks.

(4) An annual vacation is exclusive of statutory holidays that an employee is entitled to.

PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT: Initial meeting to set goals/expectations. Review prior to end of 3-month probationary period. Semi-annual check in and annual formal performance review.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: During the first 3 months of employment a training plan will be developed to identify the required training to perform the job and to meet the requirements of the contract. If additional training is identified during the course of the year specific to the contract, the employee will attend at the earliest available time. Annual performance reviews will include a discussion on training to define the necessary, the required and the good to have.

REMUNERATION AND BENEFITS: Remuneration for the presales employee will pay at market rate for years in position. Salary surveys online including Robert Half, Monster, Payscale and Glassdoor indicate this range is between $35,000 and $56,000.

Starting salary for the new hire will be at a minimum of $38,400, ($3200/month) based on experience for the first 3 months during the training and probation period. Salary increase may be provided, dependent upon the successful completion of set performance milestones. As Plex Canada is a very small organization, we will not initially have a benefits plan. The Trail Chamber of Commerce offers a group benefit plan to members and based on cost, the business’ overall operating cost, a benefit plan may be offered in the first few years of operation.

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