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Job Description

Are you looking for a painting/drywalling job that is out of the ordinary? Do you find it important that your work is meaningful? Have you got a preference for variation over routine? We might just be what you’re looking for. NC Restorations is looking for a Full Time Painter/Drywaller to join the team!

What is NC Restorations?

When a natural disaster strikes, like a flood, a heavy rain storm, or thunder, and it causes damage to a property, NC Restorations is the one to call. With a large team of trades professionals, we take on what we can to help community members and businesses in the area. From fixing up a house that had a tree fall down on it, to helping a local business owner with the flood in the basement, not a day is the same when working for NC Restorations.


Why work for NC Restorations?

What makes our business unique is the variety in work load. Instead of doing one big planned project in a certain timeframe, you work on often smaller, unexpected projects. A great way to bring your adaptivity and creativity into practice – and to get familiar with an even broader skillset in regards to your trade.

Another perk of working for NC Restorations is the fact that you are doing meaningful work. You are helping community members that involuntarily had something happen to their property. A stressful and overwhelming time for the owners in most cases. You get to help restore their properties, and bring them the relief they are in such high need of.

We also offer;

  •   a competitive salary based on your experience, that makes it possible for you to live comfortably in our beautiful area.
  •   a benefits package, including dental and extended health care.
  •   overtime and on-call compensation.
  •   opportunities to grow in your profession, we share our knowledge with one another and grow as we go.
  •   support in connecting you to the right people/businesses when you are trying to find housing or daycare, especially if you are wanting to relocate.
  •   the opportunity to get your permanent residency through the Rural Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).


Who are you;

  •   you have experience with painting/drywalling residential and/or commercial properties, and are able to give us a description of a couple the projects you’ve done.
  •   you are a quick learner and have the ability to work both in a team and independently.
  •   you believe in loyalty, as we will be loyal to you too.
  •   having a Class 5 is an asset.
  •   the idea of not having a set routine day in, day out really appeals to you.

About the job;

  •   we work on a 365/24/7 schedule, which means that your schedule will not always be Monday to Friday 7AM to 4PM. Hours can be discussed.
  •   our office is located downtown Trail, but the nature of our job gets us all over the Kootenays.
  •   the work we do is often unexpected and unplanned, and requires you to either know or learn about lots of aspects of the painting/drywalling profession. We will guide you where needed.

Does this sound like a good fit for you? We are excited to hear from you.

For any inquiries, questions or if you would like to apply (please attach a resume in that case), please reach out:

Doria Newman


Thank you for your time

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