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Job Description

Wild Smile Events is a Kootenay based event planning, design, coordination and rental company that seeks to create authentic events for spirited clients that cultivate connection and memorable experiences. We specialize in logistically challenging private estate and destination weddings but you will come to learn that no event is off limits. We like to keep things fresh and interesting! We truly believe that events are magic and can leave a lasting impression on both clients and guests no matter what the occasion, big or small. We value connection, as mentioned, but also deep love, adventure, staying wild (authentic) and giving back. We LOVE what we do, but more importantly, we love our client’s love the most, and do what we can to ensure that it is front and center. We full-heartedly believe in the art of celebration. . . so get ready, you're about to apply for a Work Party!

If this sounds like your jam, well we are off to a fabulous start. . . but . . . here is the kicker. We are looking for individuals who jive with the above but who also understand that Kootenay Weddings and Events are a beast of their own. You will quickly come to learn that Kootenay Event Assistants work EXTRA hard to ensure our clients needs are taken care of. We do this because our area industry is behind, and services are limited but you can bet our clients still deserve top notch service. We are slowly changing the industry but for now you need to expect to get dirt on your hands (and your knees, and your shirt and seriously just everywhere) and sweat (A LOT!)

I might as well weed out those who aren’t the right fit now, so that you can stop wasting your time reading this application. So truth is, this job is not right for you if:

You truly hate people - Don't get me wrong there will be days but deep down you have to love the flaws of the human race and want to connect with each and every client

You get overwhelmed easily or can not handle unexpected challenges and these types of situations cause you to shut-down or panic

You can't fake a smile when you're about to lose your mind! There will be an Aunt Karen, Trust me.

You can never be on time and you find yourself calling in sick at the last minute a lot. **There are no backups in this position!

You expect the job to be glamorous. . . Event Assistants are in charge of getting the details in place before guests arrive and this means a lot of sweat!

You can't take constructive criticism or work reviews in a positive way and do not like to learn and grow daily

Working more than 8 hours in a single day makes your skin crawl

You laugh at the suckers who work during the summer while you sip cocktails on the beach

You love sleeping in and going to bed early

You can't move FAST. Like really fast. If you are a “take your time” type this job is not for you. You also need to be able to lift heavy items and juggle tasks.

If you read the above and realized that this job doesn’t sound worth it, believe me I understand and it is totally okay. Thank you for taking the time to check in and see if it may be the correct fit. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Still reading? That is awesome!

So here is a few more points, this job may be for you if:

You love to help others and connect with people in a deeper way. Bringing a smile to someone's face brings you mega joy!

You are hella organized, creative and detail oriented (Calling all Perfectionists!).

You love on the spot challenges and can think outside the box to come up with solutions. You love that every day at work will be different and unexpected surprises are bound to pop up!

Celebration is your jam! You love to see people gather (especially after the last few years!).

You know what hard work looks like - including that sometimes it means holding your pee for 8 hours and drinking your days worth of water all at once at the end of the day

Getting off work at 12:00am doesn’t scare you and neither does arriving for work at 7am!

You think Summer vacations are overrated and you aren't a tad bit jealous of your friends out soaking up the sunny rays while you work

You love espresso shots, gourmet meals and cake! Sometimes even all at once!

You want to improve the experience for clients of Wild Smile Events and uplevel the company.

You want to work with a team who believes in Education, Professionalism, and meeting industry standards and you know you have unique qualities to make this team better than ever!

What are some tasks you will be responsible for?

Ultimately, you are the second pair of hands for our Lead Coordinator on wedding day (who wishes they were an octopus) to assist with anything and everything. A few examples of tasks that are often completed by our event assistants are:

Assistance with Setup

Steaming Tablecloths

Arranging Table Decor

Folding Napkins

Placing Cutlery + Glassware


Counting Rentals

Directing Guests Through Event Flow

Checking in with Vendors + Assisting Them as Needed

Assistance with Tear Down

Absolute Requirements:

Willing to work as the team w/ other members of Wild Smile Events and the Vendor Team

Have a Driver's License or reliable transportation

Weekend Availability starting May 2023 - October 2023 (Please note, we will schedule weekends with the team to allow some weekends off but really need team players who are flexible.)


This position is open to being a part-time or “as needed” position where you will be scheduled in advance for certain dates or be “on-call” for spontaneous weekend work.

Event Assistants will be paid $18 per hour, paid in biweekly pay periods.

Please note, this is a seasonal position. However, our client base is growing and we hope to offer off season work (November - April) to interested candidates. Preference will be given to candidates looking to grow with our company and come back for future seasons.

We really are looking for a team player and someone who believes in our company and values as much as we do. This is a family!

Whew. . . Well if you made it this far, please know you already have a piece of cake, espresso shot and a high five waiting from me!

Here are the next steps:

Still Interested?

Fill out this Application!


Applications Close February 17th.

I can not wait to learn more about you and chat more about this incredible (and chaotic) industry! Here is what you can expect from our Hiring Process:

Step 1: Application + Video/Resume Submission

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Creative Interview

Step 4: Onsite Interview

Step 5: Position Offer

*Please note that not every applicant will be selected to proceed with the full hiring process.

Thank you again for your interest and your time!

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