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Full Time

Job Description

Reporting to the Director of Facilities, the Campus Manager oversees the day-to-day operation of services on the Castlegar and Nelson campuses to ensure a positive and healthy learning environment where employees and learners can contribute and develop. This position coordinates College operating hours and manages Custodial and Clerical/Administrative services and provides leadership to approximately 25 staff.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The Campus Manager administers and monitors operating budgets for assigned areas totalling approximately 2.0 million dollars and capital expenditures including the purchase of all College furnishings Authorizes and coordinates the use of College facilities including the Mir Centre Place by internal and external users; ensures maximum utilization of facilities Coordinates with Maintenance and IT Services the completion of minor and major capital projects, new construction and renovations, and regular Maintenance/IT items as they affect the instructional and support functions of the campuses Supports the Sustainability Coordinator and College sustainability efforts and assists with managing short or long-term projects as well as other duties as assigned by the Director of Facilities Oversees the day-to-day operation of services on the Castlegar and Nelson campuses to ensure a positive and healthy learning environment where employees and learners can contribute and develop by:

Acting as a resource person for the daily administrative problems that may occur on the campus; making decisions that will positively impact the teaching and learning of staff and students Building relationships with Directors, Deans, Chairs, instructional support divisions and in areas of responsibility; developing and implementing efficient procedures for these areas; ensuring college policies, procedures and collective agreements are adhered to Ensuring all campus safety and emergency procedures are enforced; ensuring that fire lanes, walkways and emergency exits are free from blockage by illegally parked cars; enforcing towing as required; when necessary, liaising with the relevant fire and police departments Authorizing and coordinating the provision of keys, photocopy codes, telephone locals, office assignments, drop boxes, mailboxes, office signage, name tags, etc., for new instructors, assigned staff and others throughout the institution
Manages, supervises, directs and provides leadership to support and exempt staff in a variety of departments and locations throughout the campuses by:

Recruiting and selecting appropriate qualified staff; arranging for and authorizing contracts and supporting documentation Maintaining employee vacation schedules; authorizing timesheets, requests for time off, MasterCard purchases, and other forms as necessary, and conducting regular staff meetings Supervises monitors and promotes all campus activities that provide opportunities for the growth of Selkirk’s strategic partnerships, alliances and relationships, internally and externally and support Selkirk’s overall strategic direction by:

Liaising with Student Association, Faculty, Deans, VPs, School Chairs, Marketing and Student Services Providing work orders and detailed set up instructions to maintenance, and coordinating activities with the cafeteria, gymnasium, IT Services, etc Consulting and interacting with external suppliers; liaising with organizations or associations to ensure successful coordination of activities Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Ability to contribute to Department and/or College initiatives Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills Team player and effective facilitator; excellent teaching skills Knowledge and understanding of programs related to specific campus where position is located and a commitment to continuous learning Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Management or a related field Minimum 5 years of experience in a relevant leadership role Equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered This is a temporary, full-time position commencing April 24, 2022, and ending March 31, 2023. Based on qualifications and experience, the compensation is in accordance with the Exempt Compensation Framework, which is aligned with Selkirk’s compensation philosophy. As such, the position will be placed on Grid Level 9 between the minimum and the control/mid-point ($69,725.00 – $92,967.00).

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