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Part Time

Job Description


We are looking for an Administrator who doesn't mind wearing multiple hats, experienced in handling a wide range of administrative tasks. Able to work independently with little or no supervision. Well organized, flexible and enjoy the administrative challenges of supporting our Improvement District.


Job Description - Administrator Position


• Prepare accurate meeting minutes and ensuring the safekeeping of minutes, bylaws and other improvement district business records.

• Providing access to all improvement district business records as required by law or authorized by the board of trustees.

• Signing and certifying copies of bylaws and other documents are required and requested.

• Accepting on behalf of the improvement district or the board of trustees, notices and documents given or provided to the improvement district or the board of trustees.

• Keeping the improvement district seal and having it affixed to documents as required.


• Receiving all money paid to the improvement district.

• Keeping all funds and securities of the improvement district.

• Expending and disbursing money in the manner authorized by the board of trustees.

• Investing funds in investment under Section 745 (4).

• Preparing, maintaining, and keeping safe and accurate records and full accounts of the improvement district’s financial affairs.

• Compiling and supplying information on the financial affairs of the improvement district required by the Inspector of Municipalities.

Other Duties:

• Prepare yearly tax and toll notices

• Take deposits to bank and pick up mail

• Correspondence

• Prepare books, ledgers for Auditor –meetings with accountant

• Prepare for meetings, Annual Meeting, advertisements, notices etc.

• Payroll – honorariums, casual labour, Revenue Canada – remittance

• Inquiries from public

• Purchasing – office supplies and services.

• Regular updating of assessment roll, emergency procedures, water analysis.

• Annual WCB remittance.

• Clean office.

• Assessment roll, Emergency Procedures.

• Attend Board Meetings.

• Land Title Changes

• Communicate with MoTI, IHA, RDKB, MOE and Provincial Ministry Staff.


This is a part-time position offering 12 hours per week. Please email your resume to

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