Our base CSS to help you get started!

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Other Headings: .grow-h1, .grow-h2, .grow-h3 are based off vw of the body element and are experimental.

Medium/Default Button .btn .btn-medium

Small Long Button .btn .btn-long-small

Medium/Default Long Button .btn .btn-long-medium

Large Long Button .btn .btn-long-large

Outline Colors Button .btn .btn-outline-[default|red|blue|green|yellow]


For Markdown, we currently have three forms of Markdown. One of which should mainly be used for blog posts, and another for regular text content that may appear around the site. This is separated mainly because Markdown used in blog posts are usually colored and styled way differently.
.subpage is used for pages that are usually restricted for content only. Examples of this would be Privacy Policy or any other legal pages. It only looks after headings, links and links with basic formatting to remain the simplicity that these pages should have.
.markdown is used for blogs / insights / posts as it will typically use markdown for anything including images.
.minordown is used for small text areas or paragraphs where basic formatting is needed for bolding text, basic linking and lists.